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Festive Donkey Ventures, LLC

Love is.....
sweet, adorable Miniature Donkeys from Festive Donkey Ventures, LLC, making unforgettable memories to last a life time! Ready to dazzle you and your guests. Give your new long-eared friends a hug, treat or simply take a photo to remember this unique experience forever!

Having Mini Donkeys at your event is a great way to bring families and friends together for the first time.

Having a loving pair of Miniature Donkeys at your Wedding or Special Event is a GREAT idea! Also, NEW and available for 2019 and 2020 is our 'driving donkey and special event cart'!

  • Donkeys will LOVE your guests.
  • They are the perfect conversation starters.
  • Your event will be ONE OF A KIND.
  • Your photos will be priceless!
  • Be honest...How sweet are those faces...who could resist!


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