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The 2017 WI State Fair was another very enjoyable event for us and our minis! As always, wonderful to get to make new friends, talk donkeys and try to educate people about these unique equine. And also fun to allow some to interact with our minis. Many don't realize they come in other colors than just the typical gray dun or that all donkeys carry a cross, down their backs and across their shoulders...beautiful markings they are born with. If you have questions or been waiting to add a loving miniature donkey or two to your family, give us a call or email. Bet you'd love a 'donkey hug'!

Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkeys is located in southeast Wisconsin just off Interstate 94.  With many years of experience in raising, training and showing several breeds of horses and pedigreed Rex rabbits, we have fallen in love with these unique creatures of the equine world...the Miniature Donkey!

We have a small operation but feel we have chosen excellent breeding stock that possess the qualities we were looking for to achieve our goals.  Our goals are to raise strong, healthy, registered miniature donkeys with outstanding confirmation, stocky builds with good bone structure, perfect bites and loving, gentle dispositions with extended pedigrees.  We offer a
variety of colors but have chosen to concentrate our program on dark spots along with blacks and browns, available for pet, show and breeding.  The miniature donkey truly is an enjoyable animal to have around.  They love to give hugs as much as they love to receive them.  Donkeys are very herd oriented and bond closely with other donkeys.  They do not do well as a solitary animal.  Therefore we will only offer donkeys to homes with other donkeys or other good companion animals such as ponies, horses, llamas, alpacas, sheep or goats.

We look forward to visiting with friends, new and old, who share our interests for the Miniature Donkey.  Visitors and inquiries are always welcome...just call ahead to make sure we're home!


September 8, 2017 - Visiting Ag Days at Riverdale Elementary in Port Byron, IL, our niece's school, educating about Miniature Donkeys.
Rachel and baby, Ellie were a BIG HIT!! All the kids loved them. Thank you for inviting us, we all had a very enjoyable day.

Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkey
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Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkey

Jill, Walt & Casey Coussens
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Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkey

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Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkey

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Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkey

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Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkey

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Timber Lane Acres Miniature Donkey

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