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LN Lazzaro

LN Lazzaro

DOB: 8/26/2016
HEIGHT: 29 3/4"
COLOR: black w/light pts no cross showing

Sire: LN Micro Lacer 28 1/2" black

Dam: LN Luxeres 29 1/2" black/white spotted

Welcome Lazzaro!

Lazzaro is so handsome, very black with very white points and small, but has a BIG heart! He loves attention and so willing to please. Such a gentle little jack. He comes with an outstanding pedigree of blacks and dark spots. Just what we were looking for to use on our jennets.

We look forward to raising gorgeous Lazzaro foals!

Currently our girl, Chloe is bred to Lazzaro for a July 2023 foal! This will be our first Lazzaro foal.


Our Future Hers Sires

Our Reference Sires

Li'L Angels Galaxy

Li'L Angels Galaxy

Li'L Angels Galaxy

DOB: 4/24/06
HEIGHT: 30 1/2"
COLOR: Smokey black w/cross NLP

Sire: Itsy Bitsy Burro Co. 1/2 Teaspoon - dark brown 30 1/2"

Dam: Li'l Angels Star of Hope - dark brown 32 3/4"

Galaxy is exactly what we breed for in a miniature donkey.... outstanding confirmation, which includes strong, straight, good boned legs, good top line, nice round rump, good overall width with a gorgeous head and neck and of course, a very loving disposition! With limited breeding, we feel his foals possess most of his qualities and we are very pleased. He has thrown a variety of colors, including black, smokey black, dark brown, gray and dark spots!

Galaxy's pedigree hails much of the older Champion producing lines including Ozark Jazzy Jamm by Zeus and Itsy Bitsy 1/2 Teaspoon by Pope Farm Teaspoon. We have our first gorgeous jennet foal by Galaxy and a dark NLP that looks just like him.

Congratulations to Love That Ass Registered Miniature Donkeys, Kim & David Fuson, of Campo, CA, for choosing Li'l Angels Galaxy to add to your prestigious group of herd sires! Galaxy truly is a small treasure and we're confident that he has a wonderful, loving new home!


Splendor's Nestle Special Dark

Splendor's Nestle Special Dark

Splendor's Nestle Special Dark

DOB: 5/10/03
HEIGHT: 32 1/2"
COLOR: black w/no visible cross

Sire: My World Santana (dark Sorrel) - 31"

Dam: Sunset Acres Martina (Dark Brown w/dark Muzzle, NLP)- 32 1/4"

Nestle is a true black with no cross showing. He has sorrel highlights around his eyes, ears and muzzle. Nestle has straight legs, good muscle and a good build, a perfect bite, along with a loving personality. He has sorrel and black throughout his full pedigree. Nestle's first foal was a handsome spotted black jack and his first daughter was a gorgeous dark brown jennet. His foals are well built with great confirmation and ssoooo loving! We couldn't be more pleased with his offspring! Nestle has the look and pedigree to produce and perform!

Nestle has moved to the van Dijk's in New Zealand. Congratulations to Nestle and the van Dijk's for your Society end of season award of Grand Champion Jack! You've had several outstanding years in New Zealand, Nestle... We're very proud of you!! Look for Nestle's foals now in the show ring in New Zealand!

Check out the Society website and see the Awards page at www.donkey-mule.org.nz See Nestle and foals at the van Dijk's: www.clovercrest.co.nz

TLA Winter Magic Special

TLA Winter Magic Special

TLA Winter Magic Special

DOB: 01/05/06
HEIGHT: 31 3/4"
COLOR: black tyger spot

Sire: Splendor's Nestle Special Dark - black 32"

Dam: Splendor's Sophie - gray spotted 33"

Magic is our first ever Nestle foal! He was sold as a late yearling and co-owned by two outstanding breeding farms where he produced gorgeous, correct foals including several colorful tyger spots.

Not only does Magic have outstanding confirmation, good muscle and a gorgeous wide, short, dished head, but he is a very loving jack! He comes to the fence when we step out the backdoor, asking for hugs and kisses....and treats too. When we have visitors, he's the first one to give hugs!

Magic has a fantastic pedigree with some of the older spots which include the Fisher line, as his dam was probably one of the last Beau daughters. Our former black jack, Nestle was the first Santana foal and is he ever black!!! Nestle resides in New Zealand and is producing outstanding blacks and sorrels. He has been shown very successfully by Marion and Peter van Dyjk, winning every prestigious award there is to win in NZ!! He is now siring Champions too! See photos of Nestle and Magic's dam, Sophie, here on our website.

Magic has moved to Iowa! Congratulations to Chuck & Kim for choosing Magic as your first herd sire! Looking forward to seeing your future foals.



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